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Frequently Asked Questions

You can forward this complaint to the certification agency or else you can take this too far and inform an accreditation body in case certification body not respond within 20 days time.

No. When a management system is implemented it ensures that certified company has appropriate processes which promises with good quality products and services delivered to the buyer. But this has not giving any guarantee that their system is 100% fault proof. Since the system quality and product quality is mostly effected by performance of the people , worker and the management of the company so there is a chance buyer can get a faulty product or service unless they follow the ISO system and they well aware of quality control and vendor evaluation requirements.

Yes. It’s the standard requirement to establish a well and good customer complaint management system in the organization.

With British CERT as your certification partner, your company can quickly achieve within 60 days even lesser time depends upon your commitment and readiness.

Well that’s fare enough ISO doesn’t demand that you need to certificate even without you can implement the system and continually can maintain of it. So in this situation British CERT can help you to carry out an Internal audit or external assessment just to confirm the effective of the implementation of ISO Standard.Some times a large of small scale business need independent review of their system whether this have effective maintain by their employees so in such case we help you out to provide you unbiased review and audit reports which will off course help you in long run. Pleasecontact us for free consultation.

• Gain competitive advantage • Improvement of customer’s perception of high quality product and services • Helping to increase the market share • Minimize of customer complaint • Increase employees satisfaction • Better quality control and cost saving

An Accreditation body grant an independent approved recognition and following the guidelines as per ISO 17021 which generally approve of a certification body like British CERT to perform certifications against permitted standards. For an example accreditation body like an University who grant some colleges to perform the study under their guideline and at the end of curriculum the colleges can issue a diploma or degree certification to the student which holds the logo of University. So they same way an Accreditation controls the Certification body or Conformity Assessment Body and upon fulfilling their criteria they accredited a certification body and finally certification body can certified a clients once they have satisfied with the result of audits.

An ISO certificate is generally valid for 3 years and periodic surveillance audit is mandatory yearly basis. So there will be 2 no.s surveillance audit required to keep certificate valid.

A valid ISO certificate can be checked through the online portal of the accreditation body by putting your certificate no. or other information on it which generally permit the authenticity of certificate .If in case the information is not available you may directly contact your certification body and asking for the reason of it. Sometimes there may be some technical issues arise so you can wait for few days to update in the system or you can email them to inquire about some company this may be chargeable.

ISO is an abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization based in Switzerland Geneva. This organisation publishes and maintain the regulation of an International Standards called ISO. Such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.

No. They are generally takes care of publishing the standards and they do updates frequently of the standard but an accreditation body can regulate the approval of certain standards and they given approval to the certification body who can independently assess and issue the certificate.

The cost depends on the size of the company and how the process has complexity . So usually its wrong or misguiding to the clients if we British CERT quoting a standardize price . Without knowing the company size may be less than 10 or grater than 100 or above 500 employees and precise requirements and eligibility we can’t give to the correct figure. So we would generally encourage our clients to respond with the filled application questionnaire which shall be sent to you and letting us understand precisely study of your requirements and give us chance to place a workable figure which will appear more feasible for you. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we’ll provide an individualized,no-obligation proposal for your organization.Or call us 0525124871 for immediate consideration.

Not really. Most of the people misinterpreted the applicability of Standards or due to lack of awareness in the public sector or companies and consultants may have been keep on misguiding just fill their pocket. ISO can be applied to single department also or a company manage by single people or single owner also. ISO standards have been implemented by over 634,000 organizations in 152 countries. To clarify please ask for free consultation today.

Once you have awarded ISO certification, you’ll receive the following and best initiative market your brand : • Accredited ISO 9001 Certificate, • Marketing media i.e. ads on local news paper, internet , prepare your visiting cards, letter head,websites etc. • Using of ISO Certification logo provided by the Certification Body.

Contact us or call us directly 0525124871 for consultation we guide you to achieve your success and help you help a ROI.

You must check the expertise of the body or consultant in the specific field while you must meet to know him or her personally and ask your questions to get a clear idea and their capability and expertise. Since may of the information can manipulated and can send to the customer with beatification and that’s create lots of confusion to select whom or even not knowing fully there is a possibility you may confirm the order which generally leads to fall of commitment and unprofessional services and you can lots of harassment to finish the projects on real time. Even though there might have chance of low quality of documentation and consultation which shall lead to total failure in wrong investment.

No.We can expedite the time line upon commitment and real implementation works.People often misguided by the shortcut and they have been assured with instant certificate which they think that may solve their purpose but without even judging all the factor they just made the deal because of attractive offer with very cheap cost. But have you think about the authenticity of the certificate? are you getting value for money? are you sure that you are not forgetting anything? for a very short time any body can give you certificate just by printing a certificate is just cost you 30 AED . But at the end of the day you are investing your money and not getting the real one? which may lead to damage the impression while it presenting to the clients.Think about your brand value and market reputation is important than them so just by hurrying it ,are you getting proper support and quality documentation and audit thus will help you in long run?

• Market expertise • Result oriented solution • Package solution • Solution for any type of industry from SME to large corporate • Budget friendly and simple procedure • Ethical and recognized International brand • Customize solution for specific requirements • Expert lead Auditor having all experience more than 12 years • Real time solution and fast process by fulfilling Standards requirements so that the company can get maximum benefit with a minimum time frame.

Have another question to clarify please feel free to contact us we are available 24 hrs. 0525124871 or email us info@www.britishcert.com