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British CERT provides it’s essential work studies on Health, Safety and Environmental sector through the extensive research and industrial expertise.
We have carried out extensive safety and Environment studies across middle east Oil & Gas ans Construction dominated areas. We hold the technical experts those who hold most workable industrial experience with having analytically perception and knowledge of most reputed Software in the market. British CERT is an established brand ,focusing to give our innovative problem solving approach by providing right solutions to the industries ,oil refineries and many more. While we are sitting in the innovative business hub in UAE which is in Dubai to provide our best solution across UAE and other Dubai (UAE) industries in compliance with local regulatory and regional government regulatory authorities.

It not that we are only limiting our services to Big sectors but we are caring for SME’s too.Our services includes.

  • Environment Impact Assessment(EIA)
  • Hazard Operability Study(HAZOP)
  • Hazard Identification (HAZID)
  • Project HSE Review(PHSER)
  • Layers of Protection Analysis(LOPA)
  • Process Safety Audit
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
  • Process Incident Investigation
  • Responsible Care Gap Analysis
  • Flow and Dispersion modeling
  • Explosion Risk Modeling

Why We are Better

  • Scope , Estimation and Project Planning: Initial meetings to discuss preexisting documentation and available information. Carry out intensive study of the project documentation provided by the clients or sub contractors.The we are preparing the with the cost and man days thus will help us make a solid plan and execute them after approval of the clients. The tasks have been distributed among operational team while we try to keep the transparency on the project expectation via health communication.
  • Chairman review meeting at site to analyse the projects requirements and presenting the plan to the clients.
  • Drafts have been prepared based input and onsite assessment or any issues raised by the clients,
  • Summary reports have been prepare based on the projects such as QRA,PHSER,SIL,EHS , EIA HIA HAZID HAZID and LOPA etc.
  • Through out assessment to ensure the compliance and additional documentation requirements with the UAE’s environmental protection laws(EPA) permits shall be evaluated before executing of actions.
  • Training can be given as necessary part of project planning and execution
  • Site visits, meetings, presentation done based on prevention measures and alternative method suggested to comply with the regulatory laws.
  • Supports and assistance project closure meeting and final reporting

Ehs Software:

DNV Phast and Safety, PHA Pro, LOPA, SIL etc.

Let’s Talk

Please get in touch to find more about how we carry out the EHS Project analysis which can support your organisation and your clients. We know that time is valuable when you are actually searching to get a quick help and we put our considerable efforts in responding very quickly .Please email us at